Terms & Conditions (For Merchant & Sellers)

Welcome to Afsdeal. The Afsdeal provides merchants and seller a platform to begin with online marketing and explore e-commerce. This page present before you the terms and conditions of Afsdeal that the merchant or seller has to accept and follow to work with Afsdeal. While going through the terms and conditions, the terms like Afsdeal, we, us and our stands for the Afsdeal and its affiliates and terms such as you, user, merchant or seller stands for the person who registered himself/herself on the platform (platform specifically means the Afsdeal website) as merchant or seller by providing his/her data. The merchant or seller is kindly requested to go through all the terms and conditions carefully before moving forward.

Please note that without accepting the terms and conditions you cannot proceed further.

Terms and conditions are as follows:

• Terms to register
To become the part of Afsdeal you need to register yourself on our platform. Therefore, certain points need to be considered while registering

a. Registration fees has to be paid. Paying the registration fees will ensure that you can sell products via our platform. Registration fees have to be paid annually.
Registration fees- INR 2000 + GST

b. Registration will get expire after time period of a year (This year starts from your registered date till the same date of next year). To continue with the account before expiry of the session you have to renew the registration with updated details and registration fee for the next year. This should be done within 15 days before the expiry date otherwise the account will be deactivated.
*Any deactivated account will be deleted after 6 months.
*To activate the deactivated account, you have to register again.
* There will be no refund of registration fees in any case.

c. Personal documents like merchant/seller ‘s Aadhar card, company/shop’s pan card and company/shop’s GST number should be submitted. Submitted documents should be original and legal.
*Any fake or illegal document submission leads to a strict action towards you and your account will be deleted and no refund will be paid.

• Terms of shipment
Shipment or delivery charges are paid by the merchant/seller himself.
Merchant/seller need to adjust the shipment charges in the product’s amount itself.
Shipment charges depends according to the size/weight of the product. Product’s unit weight will be considered for shipment charges.
*In case, any customer returns the product for any reason then the picking charges to get the product back has to be paid by the merchant/seller himself/herself.

• Payment policy
After the sale of product, the amount will be paid to the merchant/seller within 10-15 days.